Tuesday, 17 July 2012


assalaamualaikum..hello guys. Today i update in my blog.Actually now i really busy with my assgnment but i still want to try update something new in my blog. Am i right? okay..im very tired with my assignment. when im trying to finish it, it still many. help me please?? anyone? haha..never mind. today i want to talk about marriage in young age. i dont know about that actually. i think still new to married. but kawan2 aku ckp kawin awal best sgt..apa yg bestnya?? i still thinking..??? in my mind still want to study until degree first then find a job after that i will thinking about marriage. even my age now will be 20 years old for this year, i never thinking about that. my frenz feel excited to married because they had watching about "Dena Bahrin". im sure u all know about her. right?? im also had been watching about her blog and youtube. so sweet about her marriage. tapi itu  tak bermakna kita tgok lpas tu smpai excited nk kawin. i tak cakap kawin dlm usia muda tu x best. tapi pikir la pasal ur future dulu. Some of my friend also ask me "when i want to married?"..its so funny about their questions. For ur info my mum do not give permission to married yet because my mum want me to study first and she want me have a bright future.

okay i think thats all i want to share with u all. Dont be angry about my statement. i just give my opinion about marriage in early age. ianya xda kena mengena dgn sesiapa pn. Harap Maklum! see u next time. hope u all have a nice day. =)

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